Impact of International Courts on Domestic Criminal Procedures in Mass Atrocity Cases - DOMAC

The DOMAC project is a research program funded under the Seventh Framework Programme for EU Research (FP7), which is the main financial tools through which the European Union supports research and development activities. The DOMAC project is funded under the Socio-economic sciences and Humanities Programme for the duration of three years starting 1st February 2008. Participants are Reykjavik University, University of Amsterdam, Hebrew University and University College London.

The DOMAC project focuses on the actual interaction between national and international courts involved in prosecuting individuals in mass atrocity situations. It explores what impact international procedures have on prosecution rates before national courts, their sentencing, policies, award of reparations and substantive procedural legal standards. It comprehensively examines the problems presented by the limited response of the international community to mass atrocity situations, and offers methods to improve coordination of national and international proceedings and better utilization of national courts, inter alia, through greater formal and informal avenues of cooperation, interaction and resource sharing between national and international court.




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